Saturday, December 21, 2013

November-December Update

November seems to have gotten away from me - whoops!
I had two patterns published in November, both of which are especially exciting for me. The first was the Anarchist Socks, published in the Subversive Socks book from Cooperative Press. This is my first time being published in an actual book, and I love the idea of subversive knitting.
My other pattern published in November was Ephyra, which was published in the Winter 2013 issue of Twist. I have long been a fan of Twist and am delighted to be included in this gorgeous issue.

I don't generally knit for Christmas, but my son's class was fundraising for a trip to the theater and requested Christmas ornaments to sell, so I made this little guy from the Tiny Sock Monkey pattern by Mary Kate Long.

He took longer than I expected to make -perhaps 3 or 4 hours- and I couldn't bring myself to donate him to sell for only $2 (and the kids and I agreed that we really wanted to keep it), so he's now hanging on my tree.
Instead, I made a mini stocking from sock yarn. The kids had trouble parting with that, too, so I made them each their own mini stocking and duplicate-stitched their initials on the side.

I also finished my daughter's Hermione hat that I started back in October.

My favourite part of this hat is the liner. It is recycled angora (probably 70% angora and 30% acrylic) held double and worked in a slip-stitch pattern so that there are *four* strands of yarn lining the hat. This plus the recycled pink lambswool exterior makes for a very warm hat. Since the first half of December has been spectacularly cold here in Ontario, my daughter has been getting lots of wear out of this hat. 

I also had three (!) small patterns accepted for publication next fall, and I'm working away at meeting the January deadline for these.