Tech Editing Services

A perfect pattern will keep your customers happy!

Let me check your knitting pattern to make sure it is correct, consistent and complete. Save your customers needless frustration due to errors in your pattern and save yourself from time lost  answering questions about unclear instructions.

Please email me at SarcasticStitches AT gmail DOT com if you are interested in my services, or if you have any questions.

What I do:

1. Check that your knitting pattern is mathematically correct:
 -gauge, number of stitches/rows, finished size(s) and schematics all match
 -stitch patterns work over given number of stitches and repeats
 -increases and decreases work
 -finished measurements are a reasonable size
2. Check that abbreviations and formatting are used consistently and that the pattern conforms to your  style sheet, if you have one.
3. Check that charts match written directions.
4. Check that the pattern includes all necessary information, such as gauge, needle size, all relevant instructions, explanation of abbreviations, charts and legends, photographs, etc.
3. Mark any errors and return the pattern to you to make the final changes.

What I don't do:

1. Write the pattern. If instructions are missing, I will request that you write the necessary line(s) and then I will edit your work.
2. Fix your pattern. I will mark errors and return the pattern for you to correct. For example, if the pattern doesn't agree with the schematic, I will point out the discrepancy and let you determine which is correct. I am happy to re-check your corrections if you wish.
3. Check the text for errors in spelling and grammar, though I will mark obvious errors if I happen to spot any.
4. Edit crochet patterns. I don't have enough crochet background to be able to edit crochet patterns properly.

What I need from you:

A Word, Open Office or PDF file of the complete written pattern, including as much of the following as possible:
 -yarn information, including yardage per ball, weight per ball and total yarn required
 -any other materials required, such as buttons or a zipper, including number and size required
 -all needle sizes used, as well as needle type, eg. dpns or straights
 -any other notions required, such as stitch markers or a tapestry needle
 -gauge for all stitch patterns used
 -finished length and width of each pattern piece for each size
 -all relevant charts, legends or stitch patterns
 -finishing instructions and blocking instructions, where applicable


I also highly recommend including a schematic in your pattern which includes all horizontal and vertical measurements of each piece for each size.

2. A photograph of the completed item. This doesn't have to be the final photo to be published in the pattern, but it needs to be clear enough that I can see the difference between ribbing and garter stitch, for instance.

What I return to you:

A marked-up copy of the pattern in the same format I received from you.

With Word or Open Office documents, I can use the Track Changes feature and make small changes, such as fixing punctuation, abbreviations or obvious numerical errors. You can then see what I have changed and  accept (or alter) the changes through the program's Edit menu. I can also add comments to the sidebar of Word or Open Office documents to suggest larger changes or ask questions about a particular point in the pattern.

If you send me a PDF file, I can point out errors and write suggestions on the document, but I cannot make any changes myself; you will have to manually enter any necessary changes.

Fees and Turnaround Time

I charge $16.00 CAD per hour, rounded to the nearest quarter-hour. You are welcome to ask for an estimate for your pattern before hiring me.

Patterns that can be edited in 3 hours or less can usually be returned within a week. Please contact me to confirm my availability. Please note that the hours I can work over weekends are limited.

About Me

In 2013, I completed a Tech Editing course run by a top professional tech editor. I self-publish my own knitting designs, and my work has also been seen in Twist, Interweave Knits, Knitscene and Knitty. I have designed sweaters for women, men and children, as well as socks, scarves/shawls, hats and novelty items. I have been knitting since 2001 and designing since 2005. I received my degree in biology in 2001 which taught me a great deal about working with numbers and spreadsheets.

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