About Me


I've been knitting and designing for nearly ten years now. I’m especially interested in cables, knits for kids, very warm garments and making patterns work with the yarn I have. I’m also seriously compelled to knit very silly things.

My knitting designs have been seen in Knitty, Petite Purls, Tangled, Knitscene, Interweave Knits and on Boing-Boing.

I learned to knit while recovering from an illness just after graduating university with a biology degree. A year or two later, my husband and I decided to start a family. We now have two beautiful children, who I stay home with. I knit and design in my spare time. I've designed lace, cables, colorwork, garments, accessories, and whimsies and I'm still finding more ideas than I have time to knit up. I'm more fascinated by knitting now than I was when I first started knitting and designing.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions about any of my patterns. Please email me at SarcasticStitches AT gmail DOT com.

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