My Knitting Patterns

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Hobbit Knits - A 5-Pattern Collection

These patterns are also available individually.

Hot Apple Cider

Amma's Scarf

Coffee and Cream Beanie



Lacette Scarf





minipurl said...

I am knitting the Mackenzie River Hat and have just completed rows 1-6 of the cable pattern. How do I repeat the cable pattern if my stitch count at the end of row 6 is different from row 1. Is there a mistake ?? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What is felting?

Anonymous said...

I would like to purchase a pattern for the Albus Dumbledore socks only. Do you sell this seperate?

Josie said...

Anonymous, unfortunately, it looks like Interweave is only selling the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits patterns as a collection. Sorry!

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