Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fabrication Pullover


The Fall 2013 issue of Knitscene magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and included my Fabrication Pullover.

The pullover is part of the Mock Cables section of the magazine and uses lace panels to give the impression of cables without ever twisting a stitch.  The large central braided lace panel is from the book "The Knitter's Guide to Stitch" by the always inspiring stitch designer Annie Maloney.

I'm quite happy with the finished sweater, but it is coloured in my memory by a frustrating experience knitting up the sucker. The lace pattern is not difficult, but I was not sleeping well at the time that I knit up the sample and had trouble remembering the pattern. It was a "two steps forward, one step back" process every time I noticed an error and ripped back to correct it. Bonus points to anyone who ignores the mistake I missed on the back of the sweater! I'm so embarrassed that it slipped my notice and ended up being photographed. Ah, well, lesson learned: photograph the finished garment (or even better, the garment pieces before sewing them up) and let the camera spot errors that I miss in person.

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